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What new resources do we have for you this month? Take a look at our quick video from Fourscore Attorney Ben Jacob.

Fourscore Represented at Music Event

Fourscore Attorney Pete Singh served as a panelist at the Music Industry Professional Conference, which was facilitated by the Gospel Industry Network of NC Triangle Alliance. As an attorney and professional musician, Pete was an ideal speaker for the conference.

Foreign Offerings Exemption Explained

Your company may be eligible for the Regulation S exemption, which is explained in Fourscore Attorney Ben Jacob’s recent blog entry. The regulation provides an exemption for U.S. companies selling securities to foreign investors. Check it out and see if you’re eligible.

Information Patterns: Coming Up Roses

Fourscore client Information Patterns was featured in a recent GrepBeat article. The startup is revolutionizing the flower industry by providing technology to monitor conditions like temperature and humidity. Their work will help flowers thrive while minimizing waste and toxicity.

Client Acquisition: XP League

Our client XP League, which hosts kids’ esports tournaments for games like Fortnite, was purchased by Unleashed Brands. XP League is joining the youth-oriented Unleashed Brands portfolio, which includes companies like Urban Air Adventure Park and The Little Gym.

Vital Plan in the Spotlight

Our client Vital Plan was featured in a recent Raleigh Founded newsletter. As a holistic health company, Vital Plan designs personalized wellness plans for individuals looking for healthier lifestyles. Plans include natural supplement recommendations and lifestyle changes.

Pete Chosen for Fellowship

Pete Singh was invited to the American Arbitration Association’s fellows program. He participated in a weeklong training that included interactive seminars on dispute resolution, mock arbitrations, mediations, and lectures related to conflict resolution – all led by leading ADR professionals.

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