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REG A+: What to Know

By: Benjamin Jacob What is REG A+ (An Overview) Under United States’ securities law, several exemptions exist providing a pathway for private companies to fundraise without incurring the legal, compliance, and financial costs of a public offering. This article examines offerings made pursuant to Regulation A+ including information about the origins of RegA+, offering requirements, and […]

August Update: NBA partnership, best practices for venture capital financing, and more

Welcome to More From Fourscore What new resources do we have for you this month? Take a look at our quick video from Fourscore Attorney Jesse Jones. Client Highlights Congrats to Sway Home, a Fourscore client that has joined TechStars! For its summer league, NBA Launchpad chose to work with our client Nextiles. Read about the collaboration. Grepbeat recently […]

Audience Privacy & Publicity Guidelines

By: Peter D. Singh Jr. Introduction This article is a summary of the potential legal claims related to using images of people in an audience – indoors or outdoors, followed by preemptive measures and defenses against such privacy/publicity claims, draft crowd releases, and a related note of caution regarding music. Releases are not required from individuals […]


Hire Henry

Since his childhood summers mowing lawns with his grandfather, George Leno Holmes, Jr. PhD has been dreaming of a better way to mow grass. After laboring all day in the hot sun and suffering from allergies, he knew there had to be an easier way to get the job done. George pursued an education in […]

How to Stay Organized During a Venture Capital Financing Round

By: Sean Valle As you prepare for a fundraising round for your startup company, you’ll quickly realize there is an abundance of administrative information to manage and relay between your current stockholders, new investors, attorneys, and investors’ attorneys. Raising funds, particularly for a preferred stock financing, can feel like a full-time job. You can greatly simplify […]

Core Business Documents: Understanding the Legal Agreements to Protect Your Company and Keep Your Money (Part I)

By: Maks Ewendt As your company grows, whether that’s an increase of customers, employees, or solutions, the types and complexity of the agreements your company uses needs to keep pace.  While that may seem daunting, these agreements will become a part of your company’ foundation, and will enable continued growth while limiting your company’s liability.  This Part […]