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Trademark 101

By: Peter D. Singh Jr. With DBA 101, we covered how an assumed business name (aka DBA for doing business as an assumed name, trade name, fictitious name, or false name) can be used for your business. Here, we’ll explain how a trademark or service mark can help protect your brand. What it is: source identifier. […]

Pre-Money vs. Post-Money Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFEs)

By: Sean Valle A “Simple Agreement for Future Equity” (SAFE) is a common way for startups and other early-stage companies to raise money from investors. A SAFE investment will typically convert into a company’s preferred stock during the next “qualified financing” where the company sells preferred stock to cash investors (e.g., a Series Seed or Series […]

Startup Growth – Why Your Startup Needs a Legal Strategy

By: Benjamin Jacob As a founder, you have a million decisions to make and scarce precious resources to deploy as wisely as possible. This blog post focuses on a critical decision many founders unfortunately get wrong from the start often with negative outcomes. The decision? How to approach legal in the early stages of your new […]

March Update: How to correct a missing 83b filing, and understanding crowdfunding regulations

Welcome to More From Fourscore What new resources do we have for you this month? Take a look at our quick video from Fourscore Attorney Maks Ewendt. Client Named “Must-Watch” Startup Triangle Inno included our client Levee Medical on its recent list of 12 startups in the triangle to watch. Levee is gathering well-deserved attention for its groundbreaking medical device that […]

The Building Blocks of Your Software Company’s Terms and Conditions

By: Maks Ewendt Terms and conditions follow us everywhere we go.  While that overexposure may (understandably) desensitize us to their importance and effective use, it remains imperative to include the applicable Ts and Cs and to facilitate their acceptance to protect your business. Just the phrase “Terms and Conditions” alone evokes a slight dozing off, which is […]

Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) Financing

By: Peter D. Singh Jr. The keyword is access. Crowdfunding is a revolutionary way for a company to raise capital with debt, equity, convertibles, revenue sharing, or other offerings. It gives access to investors that don’t necessarily have enough money to deploy and make a difference on their own. Smaller individual investors can contribute to combine […]

February Update: Our first crowdfunding event, client featured on Yahoo, and more

Welcome to More From Fourscore What new resources do we have for you this month? Take a look at our quick video from Fourscore Founder & Lead Attorney Jesse Jones. Crowdfunding Event: Feb. 15 We’re partnering up with Incolo to host a crowdfunding panel discussion to discuss funding strategies that actually work! Panelists include the founders of Femhealth Insights, Offline, Incolo, and […]

How to Correct a Missed 83(b) Filing

By: Sean Valle An “83(b) election” is a tax election made with the IRS that, when timely filed, saves many startup founders a lot of money in federal taxes. The IRS requires that this filing be made within 30 days after the grant of stock subject to vesting or other “substantial risk of forfeiture.” Missing this […]