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September Update: Client rebrands, music endorsement deals, and more

Welcome to More From Fourscore What new resources do we have for you this month? Take a look at our quick video from Jesse Jones, Fourscore Business Law Founder and Lead Attorney. Flip Factory App Rebrand: Meet BuildWallet Our client Flip Factory App – a project management tool for owners, contractors, lenders, and subcontractors involved in flipping homes, is […]

Why Startups Should Host Board Meetings

By: Sean Valle A Board Meeting is a formal meeting of the Board of Directors of a corporation and any invited guests or observers. These meetings are essential gatherings of the Directors, at which officers present updates about company progress and Directors discuss key issues and challenges, review performance, consider policy issues, and address major […]


Open Sky Group – Part II

Since Fourscore sat down with Curt Sardeson in 2018, his company Open Sky Group has more than doubled its number of employees and experienced a 160% increase in revenue. Currently, Open Sky Group employs over 110 people and operates in five countries globally. “We’re really hitting our stride after 10 years and a lot of […]

August Update: Unicorns, Non-Competes, and Happy Hours (oh my!)

Welcome to More From Fourscore What new resources do we have for you this month? Take a look at our quick video from Ben Jacob, Fourscore Business Law Attorney. How Do You Find a Unicorn Anyway? The Unicorn Finders is a podcast highlighting successful people and companies who have that indescribable, hard-to-find “it” factor that’s like a unicorn. […]

Music B2B: Sponsorships and Endorsements

By: Peter D. Singh Jr. This is one of the most pointed intersections of music and business. To market their brands and products, businesses link with users that can introduce or bolster their recognition. Artists in the olden days of Ancient Greece had patrons, and this modern model works much the same way. Models, influencers, […]



How it Started Nextiles’ innovative smart fabric products allow athletes and their training staff to monitor workouts directly through their clothing – no separate pod or strap-on tracker necessary. Nextiles Founder George Sun developed semiconductive threads that create sensors while pursuing his PhD program at MIT. He designed flexible circuit boards that can be sewn […]


Game Plan – Part II

Fourscore client Game Plan has continued to thrive since our last Client Tell in January 2018. In fact, Game Plan merged with InXAthlete in February 2021, bringing the two powerhouse companies together under one brand. Game Plan offers online courses for student athletes – including courses like Sexual Violence Prevention and Sports Wagering, which students […]

Are non-compete agreements enforceable or not?

By: Jesse Jones Are non-competes enforceable? Ask five different people, and you’ll get five different answers, and if one of them is a lawyer, they’ll say “it depends”. So, how do you know? Non-compete agreements are historically state-law territory, and the states have come up with a varied approach to their enforceability. For example, North […]