Traditionally, it takes 48-72 hours to get an insurance quote. After working in insurance for 32 years, Steve Hartman thought there had to be a more efficient way. He envisioned leveraging systems, speeding up the user and customer experience, and working with nontraditional data.

In 2019, he set out to expedite the process so that agencies and wholesale insurance providers could offer quotes faster. Eventually, Hartman launched SynchronoSure, which provides “tech-augmented insurance underwriting at the modern pace of business.”

SynchronoSure’s technology takes care of the underwriting administration and research that traditionally takes agencies and wholesalers days of work. Plus, the margin of error is reduced. SynchronoSure uses algorithms to scan 245 data elements ranging from civil litigation to OSHA violations in less than four seconds. This allows an insurance producer to offer a binding quote to a potential customer in as little as 30 seconds on preferred business and generally in less than 10 minutes on other business.

With the ability to offer quotes much faster than the industry at large, agencies and wholesalers are freed up to do more business in less time. Those selling insurance can meet a potential client for coffee and have the client insured by the end of the meeting rather than emailing them a quote days later.

SynchronoSure just completed its fourth capital raise since its founding. Fourscore has assisted the Raleigh-based business with each round. In addition to the North Carolina headquarters, a significant number of SynchronoSure staff members work out of Manila.

The company offers four products through Sutton National Insurance Company and its affiliate Sutton Specialty. Right now, producers can use Synchronosure to acquire quotes for:

  1. GigBOP: package insurance for gig workers, contractors, or freelancers
  2. Truckers’ general liability to cover premises and operations liability
  3. Excess liability to provide coverage above the limits of scheduled underlying coverage
  4. Workers’ compensation

More products are in the works, as well as conversations with additional potential insurance providers.

“We are still building our distribution relationships, which now stand at more than 14,000 registered agents and brokers,” Hartman says. “With our approach, we believe we are on the cusp of building a very significant business and pushing the insurance industry at large to evolve in order to keep pace.” He looks forward to making insurance less of a headache for even more customers.

“Most people cringe when they think about insurance. We’re trying to take the pain out of the process.”

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