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What new resources do we have for you this month? Take a look at our quick video from Fourscore Attorney Maks Ewendt.

Offline: A Crowdfunding Success Story

Our client Offline is a result of the largest crowdfunding deal by an N.C. company ever. With 7,000 paying subscribers and a $10M valuation, the company is poised to move into even more southeast cities in 2023. Learn more.

Why Registered Broker-Dealers Reign

Over on the blog, Fourscore Attorney Sean Valle addresses the risks of hiring an unregistered broker-dealer to fundraise. While accepting any help you’re offered is tempting, sometimes the best answer is no. Learn why.

A Startup to Watch: Acta Solutions

Congrats to Acta Solutions, our client that was included in GrepBeat’s second annual “Startups to Watch” list. Acta serves local governments by streamlining repetitive inquiries and customer service requests.

Fourscore Represented at NCCU Summit

Fourscore Attorney Pete Singh was invited to serve as a panelist at North Carolina Central University’s Law & Technology Summit on October 14. Pete discussed the legalities of NFTs, a topic growing more relevant by the day.

Reg A+ Explained

Fourscore Attorney Ben Jacob covered Regulation A+ in a recent blog post. The SEC regulation allows public investment into private companies, but with stipulations. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages here.

Pete Joins Dispute Resolution Team

Atlanta-based dispute resolution firm Alterity ADR has added Pete Singh to its team of arbitration and mediation specialists. Alterity is the largest dispute resolution firm in the U.S. led by a person of color.

Understanding Audience Privacy

Over on the blog, Pete penned a post explaining the legal requirements of using photos that include individuals in a crowd or audience. The rules are not as straightforward as you may think – check it out.

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