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Buy-Sell Agreements: What to Know

Why are buy-sell agreements so important for business partners? When major partnership disputes arise, it’s essential that partners have already agreed in advance on how to resolve these issues.

To provide more clarity on what a buy-sell agreement is and how it works, we break it down in our recent blog post: Read More.

10 Tips to Maximize Your Attorney Relationship

If you’re a business owner, you know navigating legal verbiage and regulations can be tricky. Having an attentive and knowledgeable attorney to help you protect your business is a game-changer!

As you continue to build a relationship with your attorney, be sure to tap into the value of their expertise to ensure your business grows and thrives. Watch our latest video for 10 tips to maximize your relationship with your attorney: Watch Now

Congratulations to Van Robotics!

One of our clients, Van Robotics, achieved an incredible success this past year. Their new robot tutor ABii was selected as one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2020!

ABii is a 16 inch by 8 inch device created to work with teachers and parents in providing students with extra math and reading help. During a time of at-home learning and limited presence of teachers, ABii has revolutionized the way students receive educational assistance.

Congratulations, Van Robotics, on your brilliant design! Read More.

Cast Your Vote: Best Fourscore Gingerbread House of 2020

We hope you all enjoyed your holidays — we know we did! The Fourscore team was hard at play last month contriving gingerbread houses. But we need your help to determine which is the best one!

Will you let us know which gingerbread house you think is the most impressive? Cast your vote!

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