The purpose of Client Tell is to spotlight the incredible work of our clients, and to help businesses learn from and connect with each other. We caught up with Philip Freeman, the brains behind Loading Dock Raleigh, to get an inside look at creating the city’s coolest coworking and collaborative workspace. Read how this innovative startup is fostering community, doing good work and helping others.

A Groundbreaking Vision

When entrepreneur Philip Freeman was looking for the headquarters for his Raleigh startup, Murphy’s Naturals, he knew he wanted a unique workspace where the company could put down roots. He toured an old grocery store distribution center in the prime location between North Hills and Downtown Raleigh. Although the property was in major disrepair, Philip quickly realized it had the potential for so much more than an office space.


That’s when I had the idea of creating a new type of professional community, a place where creative people, entrepreneurs and nonprofits could work together to do good with their businesses,” said Philip. I liked that the developer was looking to refurbish the building instead of tear it down, and so we decided to turn 40,000 of the 180,000 square feet space into a home for Murphy’s Naturals as well as an innovative coworking space.”


Loading Dock Raleigh opened its doors in May of 2016. It includes amenities like private office suites, multi-functional meeting rooms, free parking, enterprise level Wi-Fi, locker rooms, and a full-service kitchen serving fair-trade coffee. It’s quickly grown to become a hub for businesses and professionals across industries, looking for a safe and inspiring place to gather, network and pursue meaningful work.

Loading Dock Raleigh

Collaboration and Community

Philip says being part of a synergistic, creative community only makes his business better. “When you launch a startup, it’s easy to stay on your own island and not allow outside influence,” he said. But when you surround yourself with so many dynamic people in diverse fields, you can’t help but feel inspired and motivated.”

Loading Dock Raleigh has only been possible because of the many organizations around the Triangle that bought in to the vision. The members include local nonprofits, startups and work-from-home professionals who need a comfortable workspace or meeting place outside their house. “We now have this amazing network, and it naturally attracts other organizations and people who want to do good,” said Philip.


Shared Values

Loading Dock Raleigh looks to Fourscore Business Law for the various legal matters facing a small business startup. “The lawyers at Fourscore Business Law share our commitment to building relationships and serving the community,” said Philip. “They are in tune with what we need, sensitive to our budget constraints and is always transparent about their work. That type of honesty and efficiency means everything to a small business.”

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