The purpose of Client Tell is to spotlight the incredible work of our clients, and to help businesses learn from and connect with each other. This month, we caught up with Philip Freeman, the creator of Murphy’s Naturals, a startup that makes all-natural products from responsibly sourced plant based ingredients.

Passion Meets Opportunity

Like so many startups revolutionizing the marketplace, Murphy’s Naturals began as a passion project. While company founder Philip Freeman was working in international packaging sales, he noticed there weren’t effective mosquito repellant products made from natural, plant-based ingredients on the market. “I began working on my own formulas, just as a hobby,” he said. Once I figured out what it would take to make a safe and effective product, I began to think about starting my own company.”

In 2013, Philip launched Murphy’s Naturals out of his North Raleigh garage. After only a year, it was time to expand to a larger facility. The company now sells a line of repellants, balms and candles made from lemon eucalyptus oil, peppermint seeds, beeswax and other earth-friendly ingredients.

Murphy's Naturals
An Entrepreneurial Spirit

After college Philip went directly into active duty in the Navy, but he always dreamed of starting his own business. For years he wrote down his ideas, but never turned his concepts into reality. “When I was 38 years old, I finally got fed up with myself and made a vow to launch a product by my 40 birthday,” he recalled. “It felt good to accomplish that goal and stop living life with the regret of not pursuing my dream.”

But Philip wanted to do more than make insect repellant. Murphy’s Naturals is built on the philosophy that businesses have the power and obligation to help solve social and environmental problems. The company is committed to contributing two percent of its gross revenues to goodwill organizations with a common passion for the environment and the community. In 2015, Murphy’s Naturals took part in a rigorous assessment to become a certified B Corporation, an acknowledgment of the company’s dedication to social and environmental ethics and accountability.

Murphy’s Naturals
Location, Location, Location

Another thing that sets Murphy’s Naturals apart is its unique headquarters at Raleigh’s co-working space, Loading Dock Raleigh. Conveniently set between North Hills and Downtown Raleigh, the site is a shared workspace for entrepreneurs, creatives and freelance professionals.

“When looking for a building, we knew our new home would be vitally important to the work we do,” explained Philip. “We’ve surrounded ourselves with other businesses and professionals who want to do good, and being in an environment with that kind of synergy and excitement only makes our business better.”

Protecting Brand Identity

When it comes to branding, Philip believes image is everything. “It’s really important to protect your company from misrepresentation or manipulation,” he said. “When you’re dealing with so many outside organizations, it would be easy to be taken advantage of if you leave yourself vulnerable.”

“Murphy’s Naturals has found a partner in Fourscore Business Law that provides value through more than just legal services,” said Phillip. “It’s nice to know that Fourscore has us covered from a legal perspective and we really appreciate their ability explain things in a way that makes sense to a business person. But one of the things I like most about working with the lawyers at Fourscore Business Law is their transparency. They are always up front about the scope of the work they are doing and is very conscious about their time, so I’m never blindsided by my bill. This is crucial for a small company with a limited budget.”

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