Buy-Sell Agreements in Partnerships

Everybody wears rose-colored glasses at the outset of a new business.  It can be uncomfortable to talk about what happens if things don’t work out between partners, but the world is an uncertain place.  In fact, one of the few things you…

Business Lingo

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Understanding basic business terminology is essential for anyone working with a startup. From entrepreneurs, to accountants, lawyers, and investors, or anyone hoping to break into these fields and serve business-oriented clients, being able…
international entrepreneurs in the united states

International Entrepreneurs in the United States

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For many aspiring international entrepreneurs and international students, the prospects of starting a business in the United States can be both exciting and intimidating. The already complex task of starting a business in the U.S. can be further…
Buying and Selling

How Can Entrepreneurs Maximize their Attorney Relationship?

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For entrepreneurs (or any human), working with an attorney may not be the most exciting aspect of business. But instead of viewing working with your attorney as a waste of resources or time, the best entrepreneurs view an attorney’s guidance…