Our Business Law Video Series for North Carolina Companies

Practical Advice To Use For Launching Your Company

Venture Financing

Three Tips for Pitching to Angel & Venture Investors

Venture Financing – Equity Deals

Preferred Stock & Company Valuation

  • What preferred stock is

  • Why the company valuation is important

  • Why you need to have an exit plan from the beginning

Venture Financing

Equity Deals

  • Protective Provisions

  • Liquidation Preferences

  • Participating Preferred Stock

Venture Financing

Equity Deals

  • Price Protection

  • Pre-emptive Rights

  • Board Matters

Venture Financing

Convertible Notes

  • Valuation

  • Discount

  • Valuation Cap

  • Interest Rate On the Note

Venture Financing

Convertible Notes

  • Auto Conversion

  • Open Conversion

  • Shadow Series

Venture Financing

Convertible Securities

  • Simple Agreements for Future Equity

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