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What new resources do we have for you this month? Take a look at our quick video from Fourscore Attorney Pete Singh.

Client Visits with King of Bhutan

Zach Milburn, founder of our client Nomad, Inc., recently spent time with the King of Bhutan. The two discussed everything from digital currencies to fertility. Bhutan is finalizing plans for Mindfulness City, a nearly 400-square-mile development on a series of bridges. Read more here.

MacroFactor: A 2023 Tech Crunch Pick

Our client Stronger by Science is celebrating a big win. Their app, MacroFactor, was included in Tech Crunch’s list of best apps of the entire year. MacroFactor was selected because of its “Zen-like minimalism” and “no-nonsense” approach to helping users reach their nutrition and exercise goals.

Tax-Free Reorganizations Explained

To qualify as a tax-free reorganization, the buyer’s (or an affiliate’s) stock must be used as a significant portion of the purchase price. But with types ranging from A to G, tax-free reorganizations begin to sound like alphabet soup! Pete penned a blog post explaining each type. Check it out here.

Top Three Business Law Firms in Raleigh

Our team was thrilled to be included in the “Three Best Rated” list of best business law firms in Raleigh. We are honored to be named on this list, as well as a recent nod from Chambers and Partners. We’re humbled by the privilege of working with so many brilliant entrepreneurs!

2024 Kickoff Party

Thanks to all who joined us last month for our 2024 kickoff party! We discussed some of the major milestones from 2023, plus spent plenty of time catching up over food and drinks. Plus, go-karts!

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