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Thanks for attending our webinar Contracts and COVID-19: Finding The Path Forward. If you missed it, we’ve just posted the replay for you. Don’t forget – we’re offering a free, 30-minute consultation with us to find out what to do if you think you, or someone else, might not be able to perform under a contract. Enjoy the replay, and we hope to speak soon!


Tax Breaks to Incentivize Investment

The Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) exclusion grants compelling tax benefits to qualifying stockholders. But it’s imperative to be clear on the statutory requirements for eligibility and what type of transactions will disqualify stock from receiving QSBS treatment.

Each business is different, so here’s some information to know if you’re eligible.


Some Call it Boilerplate, We Call it Mission Critical

Do you know the standard stuff at the bottom of a contract you usually ignore? Unfortunately, overlooking those terms can have real ramifications – potentially causing conflicts between even the best of business partners.

We understand the lingo is dry and complex, so we’ve broken down what it all means in simple language.


Why Should You Issue Stock Options?

Many companies commonly issue stock options to their employees instead of common stock. But why?

This article explains the reasoning behind issuing options and compares that against issuing shares of common stock. And you should know about both.


Everything’s Kosher at Your Local Greens

We’re proud to announce our client, Your Local Greens, has received a Kosher certificate for their produce. Using no pesticides, their produce is grown hydroponically indoors in a sealed clean room, with a controlled atmosphere, and using just the right mix of light and all-natural nutrient recipes.

Check out their feature in Kosher Spirit to learn more.


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