The purpose of Client Tell is to spotlight the incredible work of our clients, and to help businesses learn from and connect with each other. We sat down with Josh Alballero, Co-Founder and CEO of IOOGO, a software development company that is simplifying the home tax filing process. Read how this startup is revolutionizing the tax industry with its sleek, user-friendly and low-cost technology solutions.

Out with the Old

IOOGO Co-Founder Josh Alballero has been doing both personal and corporate tax preparation for the last 16 years. Beginning in 2015, he and his partner, Kristy Campbell, began noticing some unsettling trends among their franchise clientele. Their customers, which spanned four states, were electing to do their taxes online rather than pay for professional service. However, these services still came with significant cost, plus added confusion. The entrepreneurs began taking a hard look a what was driving their loyal customers away. Josh explained:

“We started digging into the online solutions available and how we could potentially create a better product ourselves. We realized a lot of people were dissatisfied with all the hidden fees and upgrades when they thought the service would be easy and free. Overall, their user experience was tedious and time-consuming, and they were left with a bunch of surprise costs.”

No Hidden Agendas

Josh and his partners decided to create IOOGO, a mobile and web app that makes filing taxes as simple as filling out a job application. “Our goal was to disrupt the archaic tax industry,” said Josh. “We made it our mission to create a product that made filing simple and affordable, even for the most complex return. We are passionate about transparency. Our customers’ time is valuable, and we’re always up front with costs and upgrades. We want to educate our customers and help streamline the whole filing process so it’s not so scary!”

IOOGO, which means “to connect,” launched in July of 2017. Users spend 5 to 15 minutes completing their taxes, and they’re able to choose their upgrades based on their income and business needs. The company is starting with personal taxes but plans to move into corporate tax as its user base grows. “In the future we hope to connect our customers to reputable financial services companies that can help them with next steps and financial options when they file,” Josh said.

Smart Business Practices

ioogoAfter selling the franchising company and starting IOOGO, an operation with massive growth potential, Josh and his colleagues knew they needed solid legal guidance. They turned to Fourscore Business Law after researching other firms and even trying to make the transition themselves. “With Fourscore Business Law, I can just be myself and ask my questions even when I don’t know the legal lingo, and they can translate for me. The entire team is helpful and approachable.”

Josh’s advice to other entrepreneurs is to do their homework on the front end. His team spent a few years researching industry trends and recognizing customer needs before launching their product. “When you’re trying to disrupt an industry, you can’t be afraid to put the time in up front,” he explained. From fundraising to business planning, Fourscore has been such a huge asset in helping us see our future more clearly.”

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