H Lavigne
H Lavigne

Helen Lavigne

Senior Operations & Technology Manager

(919) 307-5356 Ext. 6

Helen Lavigne joined Fourscore in late June 2018 as our Operations & Technology Manager. She provides essential paralegal/administrative support to the firm’s attorneys and our clients. She continuously strives to create a pleasant and efficient work environment and she goes out of her way to offer assistance to anyone on the team that needs it, regardless the time of day or task involved (always with a smile). She’s also our in-house technology, website, and social media platforms leader as well as our application tester.

Prior to joining Fourscore, Helen worked for several years in the financial services and legal industry. She was selected as the go-to leader to travel abroad to streamline and standardize processes leading to increased efficiency organization-wide. She leverages her ability to effortlessly manage office’s back-end tasks and provide superior internal and external client support. She performed a wide variety of tasks including management of accounts payable/receivable, staff support, facility management, IT support, and vendor relations, while always looking for new ways to improve current processes and procedures in the office. Most importantly, she worked with staff to develop and maintain high performance in every capacity and is a wonderful “team player”.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and two cats (Khelgar and Presto), as well as traveling, hiking, biking, bowling, photographing, and volunteering. She also loves hanging out with friends and have a good laugh.


CompTIA A+

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