For many of us, understanding advances in technology can feel intimidating. While these new technologies are intended to make business, healthcare, communications and many other aspects of our lives easier, they are sometimes simply too complicated to understand.

We hear phrases such as, “The blockchain is going to revolutionize how monetary transactions are made by utilizing a decentralized and encrypted means of communication…” and really have no idea what they mean. While it all sounds quite impressive, and like the world is on the verge of some sort of cutting-edge technology that will improve all of our lives, it’s easy to simply sit back and think that it’s not for you.

However, this mindset, while understandable due the sheer volume and pace of new technology, can actually have negative consequences for your business and personal life. We have compiled a simple and clear overview of how a relatively new type of technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), is rapidly changing our lives. We hope this primer will serve as a useful resource for developing a basic understanding of IoT and show that while this new technology can seem complex, it is well worth the effort it takes to understand.

In this guide you’ll learn what the Internet of Things (IoT) is, how it intersects with the law, its role in our everyday lives, and potential challenges that may arise…

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