fitness and founders

When we’re preparing to deliver our idea into the world, to take the leap and launch our new business, we’re often swimming in research. We read, interview and comb through information on business entities, equity structuring, managing a team, marketing and financial projections. But what we often neglect is one of the core elements to our business’s success – ourselves.

Think about it. For a startup or early-stage company, we as founders hold the majority of the responsibility for whether or not our business will thrive. So why, when founders have often achieved a certain level of success up to this point, do they often neglect their bodies and mental health?

One of the great myths of founding a business is the idea that we have to deeply sacrifice our individual lives to get something off the ground. This is simply untrue, and as you’ll see, some of the most successful founders are those who prioritize their physical and mental health while launching and growing their businesses.

This guide will provide tips on healthy living while building a company and introduce you to other founders as they share how they work fitness into their lives…

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