We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Gust Launch. Gust, the world’s largest startup network, offers a platform for founders to easily incorporate, run, and grow their company.

Gust has built a carefully curated network of legal partners, and we are honored to be included in that network. This partnership will allow our lawyers a chance to serve a new community of founders bringing life to their ideas.

Why Were We a Good Fit?

Our lawyers have formed many companies over the past decade. We regularly advise startup clients, helping them navigate through the decision-making process of what business entity type to choose and which state’s law to use. We help founders think through the issues that arise when starting a new business and those that come with adding partners to an existing venture.

Gust for Launching Your Business and Beyond

Gust connects startups with the largest collection of investors across the world. They offer profiles for startups, tools and more.

If you’re considering raising funding, make sure you review our Raising Angel & Venture Capital: A Guide for New Entrepreneurs first. Our guide will walk you through many of the terms you will encounter in meetings and conversations with investors, helping you understand what to expect when it comes to structuring venture deals.