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Open Sky Group Reveals New Product

Client Open Sky Group has launched Kaleidoscope: a suite of supply chain management solutions for 3PLs. The big reveal happened at the ProMat23 trade show in Chicago. Kaleidoscope can automate supply chain tasks, which creates reductions in errors and processing costs. It offers a huge boost in workflow efficiency for a more responsive supply chain operation. Way to innovate, Open Sky Group!

TROMML Wins IdeaFest Competition

Congrats to our client TROMML on winning IdeaFest! TROMML was selected as the very best out of the 79 U.S. and international startups that entered the annual competition facilitated by The Launch Place. TROMML identifies errors in shipping costs or pricing for aftermarket automotive products, equipping eCommerce retailers to maximize their profit. Go TROMML, go!

Alea Diagnostics’ Lorestry App Wows

Client Alea Diagnostics, a company devoted to child development, received an honorable mention in the Data Visualization Society’s Information is Beautiful Awards. The recognition was for Alea’s Lorestry app, which was created to help parents track the mental health of their infant or child. The award listed Lorestry as an “exceptional resource in the data visualization canon.” Congrats!

ICYMI: Fourscore + RIoT Lunch & Learn

Check out the most recent Lunch & Learn we facilitated with RIoT! Our attorney Sean Valle represented Fourscore in the conversation, titled “The Legal Lowdown of Startup Financing.” Sean discussed financial sources and what to look for in potential investors. He also explained how to approach investors and actually deliver pitches. Watch this valuable conversation here!

Pre-Money vs. Post-Money SAFEs

Over on the blog, Sean explains what you need to know about “Simple Agreements for Future Equity” (SAFEs), which are a common source of funding for early-stage companies. The subtle distinction between pre- and post-money SAFES can significantly impact the amount of equity that founders give up by raising capital using SAFEs. Read the full post here to make sure you’re handling equity correctly!

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