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What new resources do we have for you this month? Take a look at our quick video from Fourscore Founder and Lead Attorney Jesse Jones.

Annual Reports Deadline

It’s that time of year! If your business is in North Carolina, your annual report is due by April 15. You can file it here. Reports for businesses in Delaware were due March 1. Don’t procrastinate handling this essential task!

What to Know About “DBA”

If your company has or is considering rebranding, it’s essential to know the regulations involved in a name change. Fourscore Attorney Pete Singh’s recent blog post unpacks how to adopt a “DBA” registration legally and what power it wields.

Levee Medical Serves Cancer Patients

Our client Levee Medical is aiming to improve the lives of men diagnosed with prostate cancer. Founder and CTO Bruce Choi is developing a device that can facilitate the recovery of continence for men after their prostate is removed. Learn more about Levee’s innovative work.

Fourscore Team Presented at RIoT Developer Day

Jesse and Fourscore Attorney Maks Ewendt were honored to speak to entrepreneurs at RIoT’s event at Wake Tech earlier this month. It was refreshing to lead a presentation off of Zoom and connect face-to-face again!

Secondary Transactions: Payday During a Fundraise

During a fundraising round, secondary transactions can be a helpful way for founders and stakeholders to receive cash. Fourscore Attorney Sean Valle explains the ins and outs in his recent blog post.

Client KWIPPED Wins Innovation Award

Congratulations to KWIPPED on being selected as one of the Monitor Most Innovative Companies in the Emerging Disruptor category. KWIPPED has revolutionized B2B equipment sales and rentals with its user-friendly app that operates as a connector for transactions.

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