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BNNano Transforms Water Purification

Consuming PFAS-free water is now a reality, thanks to our client BNNano! The team has developed a process to remove those “forever chemicals” from drinking water. This revolutionary feat was accomplished by combining UV light and the company’s patented materials technology. Learn more about this game-changing advancement and what it means for the future.

Jason Widen Supports Service Industry

Serial entrepreneur Jason Widen was profiled in a recent piece by Raleigh Founded. Jason’s latest venture is Blue Co, which will launch this summer and fill major gaps for service-based businesses. Blue Co will provide resources like commercial vehicle parking, shared workspaces, and warehouse space for growing businesses. We’re cheering Jason on as he supports service-based entrepreneurs!

ICYMI: How to Protect Your Money

Fourscore Founder Jesse Jones and Attorney Maks Ewendt had a discussion with Ryan Nash of Gust about protecting assets – something relevant for all founders! They discussed the best options for company structure, how to build safer contracts, and the protection offered by various insurance options. The goal? Keeping more of your hard-earned money. Watch this important conversation here.

The Ins and Outs of Trademarks

Maintaining legal ownership of your company and intellectual property is essential. But, do you know how to officially trademark what’s yours? Fourscore Attorney Pete Singh wrote a blog post explaining trademarks and breaking down all of the legal lingo. Check it out to learn more about the process and make sure you’re doing all you can to protect what’s yours!

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