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The purpose of Client Tell is to spotlight the incredible work of our clients, and to help businesses learn from and connect with each other. We sat down with entrepreneur Rich Camacho, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BlueRecruit, to learn how this Raleigh startup is revolutionizing the way job candidates connect with employees seeking their specialized skills.

Rich Camacho has always been passionate about matching companies with the best candidates for their jobs. After graduating from West Point and serving as a U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopter pilot, he began helping his fellow veterans make the transition into corporate America. As he connected job seekers with top companies, he noticed that the recruiting industry largely ignored both blue-collar workers, and the essential businesses desperate for their skills.

The problem was solidified in Rich’s mind after a conversation with his father-in-law, Joe, an auto body shop owner seeking car painters. After paying way too much money on a popular online job board, Joe ended up receiving about 80 resumes for house painters. Joe was frustrated and wondered what he was doing wrong.

After doing further research, it became more evident to Rich that generic keyword searches are not the way to hire exceptional talent. There’s no shortage of white-collar job recruitment platforms, but the process that works for a software sales executive isn’t the same for welders, mechanics, construction workers, and other specialized workers.

A Better Way to Recruit

Like all the best entrepreneurs, Rich knew there had to be a better way, and he wanted to be part of finding it. In the fall of 2019, Rich and his Co-Founders Gina Camacho and Matt Smith established BlueRecruit, a software platform connecting blue-collar workers with the companies looking for their specialized skills. Rich explained:

“The average blue-collar job requires four times the hard skills of a white collar position, but there is a massive nationwide shortage of these talented individuals. One-third of all skilled workers in America are baby boomers. As they leave the workforce, companies are looking for the next generation of skilled workers to replace them.”

Rich and his team designed a software algorithm to cater to these talented workers as well as the companies in search of their skills. “We’re kind of like the of the blue-collar workforce,” Rich remarked. We decided to ditch the idea of resumes, which don’t do anything to reflect these workers’ abilities, as well as the traditional job post, which is a waste of time for the companies we’re serving. Our software allows the worker to create a free profile in minutes, which details his or her job or military experience, driving record, and other pertinent information.”

A Pandemic Pivot

While the BlueRecruit Co-Founders were still in the research, development, and fundraising phase of their startup, the Coronavirus pandemic swept the nation and the world. From March to April of 2020, the national unemployment rate skyrocketed 11 points to a record high of 14.7%. “Our original plan was to roll out the software in September of this year,” Rich recalled. But as we saw millions of people across the country out of work, we knew we needed to work faster, so we got the platform up and running in May.”

Fall of 2020 will mark the end of BlueRecruit’s pilot launch with limited candidates and companies. The Co-Founders plan to expand their focus from the Southeast to nationwide over the next 18 months. “Many of our nation’s greatest companies, such as Benjamin Moore and Teph Seal, are looking to hire right now, and we’re proud to be part of helping put America back to work during this uncertain time,” said Rich.

Secrets to First-Time Startup Success

When asked for his words of wisdom for fellow entrepreneurs looking to launch companies in the coming months, Rich shared this advice:

“Take the time to do your homework and confirm a market need before investing your time, money, and resources. A common theme I see, especially in the software technology industry, is that there are so many smart people who can build such cool things, but they go all in with their idea before they find out if people are even willing to pay for it. Our team spent months researching what real people and companies are looking for, then we set out to build the platform that would meet their needs.”

The Raleigh-based Co-Founder also extended some encouragement for his fellow entrepreneurs in the Triangle, saying, “I’m amazed at the ecosystem we are building here in Raleigh. Times are tough in the midst of this pandemic, and so many people are giving up, but there is always opportunity out there if you’re willing to pivot and never give up. You’re going to run into roadblocks, but find ways around them to create something even better. Rely on this incredible ecosystem, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Better days are ahead, so keep pushing.”

When it comes to legal counsel, BlueRecruit has looked to Sean Valle and the team at Fourscore Business Law from day one. The firm has helped them navigate everything from articles of incorporation to their current round of funding. Rich explained:

“We are all first-time Founders, and we quickly realized there are some crazy financial terms out there. We run every investment opportunity and the terms of every contract by Sean to make sure it’s a smart decision. We’ve even had prospective investors comment on how rock-solid our investment terms are! Fourscore has always had our company’s best interest at heart, which is why we’ll partner with them from here on out.”

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