The purpose of Client Tell is to spotlight the incredible work of our clients, and to help businesses learn from and connect with each other. We sat with down with John Rosar, CEO of REVGEN, a full-service employee recruiting and staffing agency. Read how this Raleigh startup is serving as a valuable resource to businesses and employees, and cultivating a cutting-edge company culture.

An Innovative Approach to Staffing

Jon Rosar wrote the business plan for REVGEN while he was still working for a large local technology company in the Triangle. His team was responsible for the onboarding, growth and support of new employees, but the organization was growing rapidly, and they were out of space and staffing leads. REVGEN launched in 2014 to meet the specific recruiting and training needs of the company, and to serve as a local extension of its culture and values.


During REVGEN’s first three years, it grew from 12 to 35 employees, and John transitioned to CEO in 2017 (Jason Widen of HQ Raleigh then transitioned to President). The startup now provides three services: outsourced inside sales (with a focus on tech B2B), staffing and training. “I’m passionate about building teams and investing in people,” said John. “We hire individuals at all experience levels, put them through a 4-6-month boot camp training program, and then connect them with companies for long-term placement. We only hire local, but we serve customers everywhere.”

More Than Just A Paycheck

The thing that sets REVGEN apart from typical staffing firms is its dynamic team-based culture. Personal growth and innovation are two of the tech startup’s core values. John explained: “We hire a lot of entry-level people who are trying to get their feet planted in a new career to improve their lives. For them, it’s about so much more than clocking in and out. We treat our people like family, spending time together, investing in their success and always being authentic and transparent about how our business runs.” 

When it comes to building morale and an environment that staff members are proud to walk into every day, John has some “north star” advice for other entrepreneurs. “It’s a privilege to lead others, but with it comes the responsibility of creating a positive and inclusive culture,” he said. “Do good in the world, do right by your employees and customers, and only good things will come of that.” 

On The Record

Since REVGEN is dealing with so many moving parts and people, excellent documentation is crucial to its success. That’s why the startup looks to Fourscore Business Law for all its contracts. “The attorneys at Fourscore Business Law are so helpful in making sure every document we send is spelled out clearly,” said John. “They’ve taught us the importance of good record keeping and creating a paper trail when interacting with all our customers and employees.”

John warns other company heads to be discerning about the partners with whom they do business. “Make sure that when you enter into any kind of professional relationship, you feel good about that person or company, and that they’re a good fit for your startup’s culture,” he said. “You need legal counselor that’s savvy and trustworthy, and always has your best interest in mind.” 

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