Free Download: Raising Angel & Venture Capital Whitepaper

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  For entrepreneurs the prospect of raising funds to propel business growth should come with a mix of excitement and fear. While taking angel and venture capital isn’t right for every startup, it may be the ideal financial structure…
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I Thought You Said This Would Be Simple?!

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  Have you ever approached a lawyer with a business need and walked away from the conversation feeling completely overwhelmed? Confused? This is a common story, and it just doesn't have to be that way. Our clients come to us with…

Announcing Fourscore Business Law

Fourscore Business Law is now open and serving clients in the Raleigh-Durham area and beyond. The mission of Fourscore Business Law is to provide excellent legal counsel and unheard of customer service, and by doing so to change the public perception…

The impact of a patent strategy...Do you have one?

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Today we're sharing a guest post by John L. Sotomayor of Sotomayor IP Consulting It is not uncommon for startup and early stage companies to be asked by investors if the product the company is taking to market is patent protected. This is…