Business Lingo

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Understanding basic business terminology is essential for anyone working with a startup. From entrepreneurs, to accountants, lawyers, and investors, or anyone hoping to break into these fields and serve business-oriented clients, being able…
international entrepreneurs in the united states

International Student Entrepreneurs in the United States

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  https://youtu.be/-XfqBVh6ntE For many aspiring international entrepreneurs and international students, the prospects of starting a business in the United States can be both exciting and intimidating. The already complex task of…

Selecting a Business Entity

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Selecting a business entity is one of the first things that an entrepreneur has to do when they decide to take their idea and forge ahead to build a business from it. There are several different entity types to choose from, and although we’ve…

Angel & Venture Capital Funding Sources in the Southeast

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  One of the biggest struggles entrepreneurs outside of the Bay area and the Northeast deal with is raising money to fund their ventures. Here at Fourscore we have compiled a list of 100 venture capital and angel funds in our own…
fourscore business law attorney relationship

How Can Entrepreneurs Maximize their Attorney Relationship?

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  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nd4cWOhwcXk&feature=youtu.be For entrepreneurs (or any human), working with an attorney may not be the most exciting aspect of business. But instead of viewing working with your attorney as a…

Free Download: Raising Angel & Venture Capital Whitepaper

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  For entrepreneurs the prospect of raising funds to propel business growth should come with a mix of excitement and fear. While taking angel and venture capital isn’t right for every startup, it may be the ideal financial structure…