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The purpose of Client Tell is to spotlight the incredible work of our clients, and to help businesses learn from and connect with each other. We sat down with entrepreneur Cameron Hardesty, the Founder & CEO of Poppy, to learn how this Washington, D.C. startup is revolutionizing the floral industry, from farmer to consumer. When […]

The Costs of Free Speech and Silence for Businesses

  By: Pete Singh Recent events have sparked controversy and outrage. From police brutality to protests to rioting, how can businesses navigate these trying times without widening the divide? Should coworkers even discuss such burning hot topics? Some storefronts are being destroyed during demonstrations, forcing owners to confront complex and divisive issues. Even if your office […]

CARES Act – Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

  By: Benjamin Jacob American businesses are facing historic challenges due to the disruption caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic. At Fourscore, we’ve been tracking the developments closely – including how the response of the federal government can help our clients. As part of its initial response, the federal government has enacted the CARES Act […]

Six Tips for Pitching Investors Remotely

  By: Pete Singh You may be stuck at home, but the world still turns and you are going to have opportunities to present to prospective investors. Technology allows us to see and hear each other from a distance. Clearly communicating the value of your business and team will take more than a strong internet […]

Startup Company Investor Updates

  By: Jesse Jones Our world is in an interesting place right now, to say the least. The circumstances surrounding all of us, plus the inability to physically visit with people, is making communication even more important than it’s ever been. This is an add-on to a previous article entitled “How (and Why) to Keep […]

Why issue stock options?

  By: Jesse Jones Stock Options vs. Common Stock Many businesses issue various forms of equity to key employees. They do this because it helps align interests and puts the business as a whole in the best possible position to succeed. Companies commonly issue stock options to their employees instead of common stock. But why? […]

Alternative Dispute Resolution Primer

  By: Pete Singh There is dense language at the end of most contracts that some call “boilerplate” (meaning it’s standard stuff and not worth reading, understanding, or negotiating). Overlooking these terms may seem prudent or efficient upfront, but they can have very real ramifications. Buried in those “miscellaneous” or “general” sections, you’ll see choice […]

March Update: The impact of coronavirus, AB-5, events, and more

Welcome to More From Fourscore What new resources do we have for you this month? Take a look at our quick video from Jesse Jones, Fourscore Business Law founder. Client Tell: Sudsy Soaps What inspired you to start a business? For Raleigh entrepreneur and opportunist Khushbu Madhiwala, it was simple. She took her passion for adventure […]