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Rich Camacho of BlueRecruit Featured on Podcast

Catch the first episode of the RIoT podcast, which includes an interview with one of our clients. Rich Camacho, CEO of Client BlueRecruit talks about his company’s unique business model, which streamlines the process of connecting tradesmen with employers.

Watch the podcast recording here.

Music B2B: Streaming, Licensing, and Publishing Primer

If you use background music to set the tone in your business – be it a restaurant, gym or even a virtual space – you may be abusing copyright and licensing laws without even realizing you’re in violation. In the first article in our music B2B series, Fourscore lawyer and musician Pete Singh shares the need-to-know information and how to make sure your music use is authorized and legal.

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Delaware Franchise Tax Calculation in 1.5 Minutes

Tax calculation can seem like a complicated, dense subject that’s difficult to understand – especially in Delaware, a state infamous for its franchise tax protocols. Annually we hear from panicked clients when they receive their tax bill, so we’ve created a video brief that explains Delaware’s franchise tax is less than two minutes. We hope it will put you at ease!

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Fitness & Founder Whitepaper: Prioritizing Fitness When You’re a Founder

Your time and attention are pulled in many directions when you’re launching a new business, making it easy to let your personal wellbeing fall to the wayside. However, some of the most successful founders are those who prioritize their physical and mental health despite the hectic pace of their days. Here, we profile several business leaders who share how they’ve maintained their commitment to mental and physical health while leading their companies.

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