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What new resources do we have for you this month? Take a look at our quick video from Fourscore Attorney Ben Jacob.

Cap Table Primer

In our latest blog post, Ben provides an overview of cap tables and why they matter.  The capitalization – or “cap” – table is where the ownership of a company is recorded. Read Ben’s overview and best practices for maintaining these essential documents.

Terms and Conditions: Software Edition

Also on the blog, Fourscore Attorney Maks Ewendt shares what should be included in the Terms and Conditions of a software company. As your business grows, it’s important to periodically review its terms and make adjustments to avoid loopholes or inaccuracies. Check out the post here.

Upcoming Lunch & Learn with RIoT

Join RIoT and Fourscore Attorney Sean Valle for a virtual lunch and learn on April 26th at 1pm ET! Sean will walk attendees through practical, legal, and business considerations in determining the best financing options for your company. Register today!

Fourscore Lunch and Learns

We’ve created a page on our website with links to all previous Fourscore Lunch & Learn sessions. Topics include mergers & acquisitions, understanding legal agreements, financing sources, and more. Check out these informative discussions here!

Tweener Fund Invests in Fourscore Client

Shoutout to our client mesur.io for receiving investment from the Triangle Tweener Fund in Q1. The 12 checks written to this fund in Q1 totaled more than $675K, and the average check size was upwards of $56K. There are now a total of 58 startups in the Triangle Tweener Fund.

Our staff enjoyed a rare dinner together when our West Coast resident Ben was in town!

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